This Far, and No Farther

Sometimes all you can do is draw a line in the sand and say, “This far, and no farther.”

I’ve been slipping for the last couple of weeks. It’s been harder to post videos, to write blog posts, even to exercise.

My sleep has slipped, I’m getting up barely in time to roust kid one.

I’m writing later and later, sometimes into the evenings. Tonight? It’s 1 am, but I also know the slippage gets worse.

Miss one blog post, and then it’s two, then three, then I’m gone for months. The videos stop, and maybe even my daily workouts go.

So, here I am, showing up, putting in the rep, doing the do. Maintaining the streak.

Because I also know that this, too, shall pass. The grey mist will lift, and I have a choice:

Option 1. Let it slip, get down on myself and make it harder to get out of the mist, which makes it harder to get going again.

Option 2. Plug on, forge through the mist, and when I come out the other side, be in a better place for the next steps forward.

So here I am.

This far, and no farther.