Depression, Anxiety, and Stress? Remember, These too Shall Pass

I often wrestle with one of my personality issues; future orientation. I tend to be so focused on what’s to come, I neglect to enjoy what is here and now. For instance, I normally get more enjoyment from the anticipation of a vacation, than I do from the vacation itself.

Basically, I tend to borrow from the future; both joys and sorrows.

In late August, as Labour Day approached, I began to anticipate the boys’ returns to school. I knew how quiet the house would become, how much less time I would have with them, how much I would miss them, and I began to get down.

At the time, we were planning a trip to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. They were having fun in tennis camp, and we were still hanging out in all the non-work hours, but that didn’t matter. There was trouble in the future, and I was starting to borrow it.

I’ve been doing this so long now, that age and experience have finally hammered a couple of lessons into my head. One of them was summed up by the Persians, “This too shall pass.”

I know the feelings will pass, I just have to give it time.

I also have learned the lesson that sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. So there’s no need to borrow sorrows, they will find you all on their own.

We’re now about a month past this event, and my refusal to borrow trouble seems to have worked out; I’m making it through September without a crisis in my head.

Maybe this old dog can learn a new trick.