Your Mission, What is It?

I’ve been noodling the idea of a mission for much of this year. It’s an outgrowth of the meandering path of my blogging experiences over the last few years:

  • posture
  • fitness
  • yoga
  • nutrition
  • ergonomics
  • mental health

and probably a few others I can’t call to mind right now.

Each of these things can provide a mission, and in each of these things I’ve encountered people for whom these things are their missions. I noodled starting a business in all of these arenas, but nothing really grabbed hold of me until that last one.

Sure, I knew I had the basics of each field, enough to start up an information/training effort, but not something that I wanted to get up and do, first thing, every day. At least, not until I got to the last one.

My mission is to come to grips with my mental health problems, with their roots, triggers. To learn how to live better, for me, and for my family. If I can do that for me, then I can help others to do it for themselves.

While I can’t see the granular details, yet, I think that forms a pretty good foundation for a mission. A mission that will take me through the final act. It took me a lot of work, over a long time, to even get this far. To get to the point where I feel compelled to do something…to do this.

So, what is YOUR mission? How do you find it?

I return to the question, “What do you feel compelled to do?”

The answer to that question contains the seeds of your mission.

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