Sit Up Straight!

So I’m back, it’s posture Thursday, and I need to tell a story about the benefits of posture correction. Today I’m not going to talk about me, I’m going to talk about my boys.

Once upon a time I wrote about why, after 4 decades of slouching through life, I began to finally correct my posture. The short version is that no matter how often I told my boys:

“Stand up straight”

“Sit up straight”

They didn’t. Why? Simple, really. Occasionally they might hear my words about proper posture, but all day long, for every waking moment they saw my actual posture.

We say, “Actions speak louder than words,” and they do. My actions told my boys what I really thought about posture, and that far outweighed my words. I didn’t much care about my own posture, but I did care about theirs. So…

Fast forward a few years of spinal repair, posture correction and Daddy setting a good example. Unbeknownst to him, I took this picture of my oldest yesterday.

From slouching through life to sitting on the piano bench with a ramrod up his spine.

I’ve asked the question before, what would it take to inspire you to make a change, to correct your posture. My answer was to provide an example for my kids, so they can grow up straight, strong and healthy.

I think I’m getting there.