Misery Loves Company, Use it for Positive Change

Friend of the blog Aubin, who got me to thinking and writing about tea, had a great suggestion; write about diet, and exercise, and partners. Now, his suggestion was that I think about how we should get in shape before we get married, so we have the habits to stay fit and attractive for our spouses, and can even do it with them. Well,  I wrote that one, although it wandered off into the weeds a bit.

But it got me to thinking back to when I was writing about making the change; getting into shape, losing weight, making a healthy lifestyle a habit. Thing is, change is hard so one key to making a change and sticking to it is lowering the barriers, and as it goes with habits, so it goes with exercise, and for that matter, a healthy diet.

But change is hard, so we need to lower our barriers, make our schedules and develop healthier habits, we can ingrain health and wellbeing into our lifestyles, to the point where it’s easier to go with the healthy option than the non healthy option.

But Andrew, the title of this thing is Misery Loves Company, Use it for Positive Change, so what are you babbling on about.

Well, returning to Aubin’s original idea, do it together. Work out together, change your diet together, live healthier, together. When it’s tough, well, misery loves company, and you can commiserate.

But Andrew, I’m single.

Okay, get a workout partner. Completely aside from the misery loves company aspect, what you’re really getting is an accountability partner. Someone to check your homework, to make sure you’re showing up and putting in your reps. Or join an exercise club of some sort; I have a friend who is in an over-50 running club. Buncha old farts jogging around the park every Saturday.

Man is a social animal. I may have written about the importance of connection, somewhere, and sharing the joys and pains of exercise makes it a communal, a social event. You get the benefits of exercise, and the benefits of community and connection at the same time.

Misery loves company, so find some company and be miserable together.