I Keep Moving, Do You?

I knew within 2 days of first putting it on that my Fitbit was going to be an absolute gold mine of topics to write about.

Last night I was picking up a prescription, and the pharmacist was having computer problems. I riffed on an Einstein quote and told her,

Rest assured, whatever your computer troubles are, mine are greater.

She asked why, and I told her I sit in front of a computer 9 hours a day.

But you’re so thin.

Well, according to my Fitbit, I burn an average of 3000 calories a day.

You do 3000 steps per day?

No, I burn 3000 calories per day.

Here was a woman in a primary health care field, and her brain processed 3000 calories per day as 3000 steps. Man, that’s less than half my workday step count, and she was impressed by it. My weekend count is twice as high as that.

If half my normal workday movement is impressively high, I think I see part of the problem of obesity.

So, as I said yesterday, put down the remote, get up off the couch and move, dammit.