Imagine That, Work is Stressful

So I noted that I need the work week to rest up from my weekends. But I discovered a little something else to go along with. Are you ready for it?

Work is stressful.

Yeah, I know, right? Thanks Captain Obvious.

Kidding aside, follow along. My wife gave me a Fitbit, and I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it. One thing that amused me was the resting heartrate measurement.

On the Christmas vacation it started by measuring my resting heartrate at 68. It tracked down to 62 by Jan 5, but immediately after I went back to work on Jan 6, it started tracking back up, getting as high as 67 during one particularly stressful stretch.

I’ve noted that stress is bad for you. One thing I didn’t know was what it was doing to my resting heartrate.