To Get in the Game, Get Up for the Game

So Sunday I’m getting dressed for hockey and in comes Robin telling us he’s up for the game…Sirius Radio gave him Judas Priest on his drive to the rink.

“Oh, a little soft-rock, mood music get’s you ready to go eh?”

Everyone in the room looks at me a little sideways.

“What? I was listening to Opeth this morning; a little Swedish Death Metal to get me going.”

“Wait,” says Chaz, “Mozart last week and Death Metal this week?”


“You must listen to all sounds.”

“Not really, I can’t stand country, and absolutely hate hip hop.”

So, what does this have to do with health, wellness and posture?


Get up for the game. It doesn’t matter what it takes to get up for the game; Mozart, Judas Priest or Opeth. If you’re a country guy, or a hip hop guy, it doesn’t matter. Whatever gets you up. Whatever gets you going. Whatever gets you out to exercise. Use it to get your head in the game.

And then, for God’s sake, show up.