A Quick and Easy Way to Control Mild Heart Palpitations

When I was writing about my experiences with heart palpitations, I tossed in a line about how, when I’m having them, one thing that makes me feel better is raising my heart rate into at least the low level the aerobic zone.

I went on to connect controlling heart palpitations to posture correction exercises. Let’s take a last brief look at that.

What are you doing when you’re exercising in the aerobic zone? Breathing harder.

What is happening when you’re breathing harder? Your lungs are inflating fully, expanding your chest cavity and reducing the compression of your heart.

What else? By inflating your lungs fully, your spine is straightening, i.e., your posture is better.

So, what’s the quick and easy way to control mild heart palpitations?

Stand Up Straight

So, another reason to work on your posture, I guess. Hope you can find somewhere to read more about that.