I Messed Up My Hand. What’s Your Excuse?

I play a game of shinny every Sunday morning. I dunno, maybe I’ve mentioned that, somewhere along the way.

Now, hockey is a vigorous, rough game, even if you’re playing “non-contact” with a bunch of old friends, and shit happens. I’ve come away with my back buggered up, I’ve had to go to the emergency room for a dislocated shoulder, I’ve had friends get concussed, bruised and/or cracked ribs, and so on.

And again, this is “non-contact” with friends.

So anyway, Sunday I’m coming off the ice and my left hand hurts. Bad. Somehow I’ve banged it up to the point where I can’t properly grip, and I can’t put any pressure on the heel of my palm.

Naturally this meant that I couldn’t go to Pilates last night, right? No pressure on the palm means no:

  • Plank (front or side)
  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers

I mean, between the bad wrist and my chronically tender back, I couldn’t do almost half the workout, so why bother showing up. Right?


Most any exercise you want to do, there’s a modification that gets the same result while avoiding the problem.

Sometimes there’s a reason you can’t make your workout. Mostly there are just excuses.

And there are no excuses. Just show up.