It Can Always Be Better…

But Then Again, It Can Always Be Worse.

Of late, I’ve been telling the story of my heart:

  • Low resting rate
  • Slightly elevated systolic blood pressure
  • Mild, transitory, heart palpitations

Well, the damned palpitations came back last weekend, they seem to be (partly) related to stress, and the weekend was, to put it mildly, stressful. Anyway…

The palpitations…irritating, but no big deal, I have a pretty good handle on them, and I’m working on more. It could be better, they could be, you know, non-existent. The mild systolic hypertension…irritating, but no big deal. It could be better, I could have no blood pressure problems at all.


But then again, it could be worse. Like for instance, a friend of mine who had a heart attack at 45, or, worse yet, another friend who passed at 40 from heart failure.

So if you find yourself lamenting the state of, well, pretty much anything, remember this; while you’re thinking, “This could be better,” there is a corollary, it could be worse.