You’re in Lockdown. Things Are Bad, Make Them Better


Yesterday I was writing about using crisis as an opportunity. We certainly are in a crisis, so it is important to look for the opportunity.

The big problem with that is that the greater the crisis, the more our attention is focused on the crisis, leaving a great deal less of our attention to look for opportunity. So how do we look for opportunity?


I suggest you start small. That’s certainly what I did; I devoted a small part of my attention to figuring out something I can control.

That something I can control is remembering, and doing, a simple breathing exercise for stress control. I now do this exercise every day, often multiple times a day.


What is the result? Well, the simple answer is that my stress levels are reduced, but there is a much bigger answer hiding behind that.

I’ve written before on the topic of stress. Here are a few of the negative impacts of heightened stress levels:

  • weight fluctuations (gain or loss)
  • heart disease
  • weakened immune systems
  • poor sleep

Suffering any of these is bad at the best of times. Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, it isn’t just unhealthy to weaken your immune system, it’s flat out dangerous. Anything you can do to lower your stress levels is good.

So breathe. Breathe long, breathe slow, breathe deep. But breathe.

So you’ve taken a small step. You’re using a few minutes, a few times a day to manage your stress. Now what? Transformation.


By managing your stress you’re reducing its negative impacts on your life. Your health will be better, and you will find yourself more in control. With that greater level of control you can now choose. Choose what? Choose your path forward.

My path forward is to learn, to grow, and to reach out. I’ve fiddled and played around with this site for some time now. I’ve had a lot of fun researching, writing and posting. But now it’s time to get a little more serious.

I’m beginning a new journey here at, and I hope you’ll join me. And it all starts with a breath.

  • Sit comfortably upright
  • Straighten your back
    • Arms straight, palms to knees
  • Chin up, eyes closed and looking straight ahead
  • Breathe in for a slow count of 6
  • Breath out for a slow count of 8
  • Repeat 5 times.