Everybody Is Kung Flu Fighting, and So Am I, But Fighting What?

Fighting for Control

Okay, so last week I told you how I began fixing my head and taking back control of myself during this period of Kung Flu fighting. It all began with a breath.

Well, since I began daily breathing exercises, I’ve

  • Begun walking a mile or two every day with my kids
  • Set up our living and dining rooms as virtual classrooms for the boys to continue their educations
  • Set up a computer in our piano room so they can continue their piano studies
  • Organized our spare bedroom into a workable home office

In short, I’ve taken back control of my emotions, and my life. I can’t control outside events, but I can determine those things over which I do have control, and work on them. For some reason the Serenity Prayer just came into mind.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

An Opportunity to Grow

But that’s not all. Since we’re confined to quarters we have a choice; do something, or do nothing. I got so caught up in events beyond my control that I went into vapour lock. Outside of my job I became incapable of doing, well, pretty much anything except obsess over the news and worry. Well, “worry” is a pretty good synonym for “stress,” and what I have I told you about stress?

My exact words were, “stress is killing you, do something about it.”

With the Flu Manchu out there trying to get me, this was unacceptable, and I began treating the crisis as an opportunity. An opportunity to grow. To learn. To do. So what have I begun? I’m taking this time to

  • study copywriting
  • learn a little bit about SEO
  • tweak StandUpRight.ca
  • dive a little deeper into the core areas of this little site, with an eye to better serve you
  • experiment with different types of content, and different ways to deliver it

Begin With a Breath

And, once again, it all began with a breath. So breathe.

  • Sit comfortably upright
  • Straighten your back
    • Arms straight, palms to knees
  • Chin up, eyes closed and looking straight ahead
  • Breathe in for a slow count of 6
  • Breath out for a slow count of 8

Repeat 5 times.