How’s Your Pandemic Going, or, Interesting Times Suck

Okay, I know it’s been a while since I posted. That’s totally on me.

Maybe you’ve heard of the ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Is that truly an ancient Chinese curse? I don’t know, but the sentiment sure holds true and the times, they are certainly interesting.

So why haven’t I been posting?

Well, the schools are closed so the kids are home and I’m working from home as the office is now above 70% working remotely. My wife is in an occupation which doesn’t allow for that, so in addition to my job I’ve got to keep the little goofs occupied, and with the forced confinement, not at each others’ throats.

Have I ever mentioned that little boys need to burn calories? Well, they do. A lot of calories. And being confined to quarters playing video games and working on their grade level workbooks does not burn those calories.

So I’m the referee. But I’m trying to do my job, and stay sane. With good results on the first, and mixed results on the second.

And I’m trying to stay fit. And doing…poorly.

And I’m trying not to stress out. And doing…poorly.

In fact, I’m kinda doing poorly at everything this blog is all about.

And insofar as the interesting times go, well, I’m guilty of getting so caught up in events I can’t control, that I’ve been losing control over what I can control. Like researching, writing and posting.

I can’t promise to post daily, but I can promise to do better. And do better I will.

More soon.

Stay healthy, stay sane, and stay fit.