Keep on Keeping on – It’s Wellness Thursday, and I’ve Got Nothing

Last week for Wellness Thursday I got to thinking about how experience, any person can teach you something, even if only by way of being a bad example.

This week…I got nothing.

I’m in the middle of a special project at work, and by special I simply mean outside my normal duties, not Top Secret, Need to Know, Going to Change the World. It’s fun, but being outside my normal duties, it’s a little more time consuming. Unfortunately, I have a presentation on my work thus far tomorrow first thing.

Then, my normal duties have come to a deadline. Not normally a problem, but basically, I had two critical deadlines today. Neither could give, so I’m writing this at 7 pm, in a break from work. The moment I click “publish,” it’s back to the grind.

So, I’ve got…nothing.

I’ve been:

  • Running a couple miles every lunch
  • Getting much better nights’ sleep
  • Keeping up to writing and posting here
  • Moving forward with my pilot course research
  • Learning a little more about networking to expand my reach

So it’s not like I’m falling behind in anything, but I’m really dragging. That better sleep is amounting to over 8 hours for the last few days, with Fitbit telling me it’s really good quality sleep. But I’m waking up exhausted and even a little nauseous.

Good thing I have the solution to that. Oatmeal. I eat a bowl of it every day for breakfast, and, outside of University, have done so for most of my life. Reasonably nutritious, filling, soft and bland. Perfect food for an upset tummy.

I’ve been trying to lie down for a few minutes every hour or two. That seems to be helping, at least enough to get me through the workday. I mean, my first major task is done, and the other is in the home stretch, but for you guys, I’ve got…nothing.

I want to tell some amusing anecdote, connect it to something going on in my life, and draw some great over-arching life’s lesson to teach you. That’s how these Thursday posts generally work, right? Unfortunately today I’ve got…nothing.

I’m just plugging along, getting done what needs to be done.

Hey, waitaminute, maybe that’s the lesson. Just show up and do what needs doing. Keep on doing that long enough and you’ll have the habits to:

  • Eat right
  • Exercise regularly
  • Sleep well

And, most of all, to live your best life.

Oh, and here’s a picture of me relaxing in my kayak last weekend.

A kayak on the river, a fishing pole and a cigar
Sometimes, you’ve just gotta relax