Can You Hear the Narrative Shifting?

The Narrative is Shifting

If you sit quietly in the dark, slow your breathing and concentrate hard, something amazing will happen. Actually, a lot of amazing things will happen, but this isn’t a post about the benefits of meditation.

No, it’s about the narrative shift we’re going through.

As little as 2 weeks ago, the powers that be were continuing their merry road to fascism, aided and abetted by the shit stains in the press. But then a small problem occurred; the wise people, you know, the science loving, children hating, mental health destroying, economy crashing good people got themselves a jarring dose of reality.

Yes, I’m talking about the latest Kung Flu variant, Omicron. The one that did exactly what every pandemic virus before it did. It mutated to be more contagious and less dangerous than the previous versions.

And then it did something else, it mutated to be pretty much invisible to the “vaccines.” I have to put “vaccine” in scare quotes here because, well, if it doesn’t convey immunity, and doesn’t prevent spread, it has no business being called a vaccine.

So, about a week ago, as we moved into another round of Doug Ford, Fat Fascist Fuckwit’s, attempt to destroy our economy, my children’s’ educations and my mental health. Around that time, the aforementioned “good people” noticed something.

They were getting sick, too.

“We did what you told us, we’re triple vaxxed, double masked and socially distant, and we’re getting infected, too.” Chris Cilliza, (Dumbass, CNN) tweeted something to the effect that we’ve somehow turned getting COVID into a moral judgement, how could this happen? It must stop.

The Moment

And that was the moment I knew it was over.

Suddenly the very people who turned getting COVID into a moral failing were getting it in record numbers, and the heel turn began. They had to turn the narrative on a dime, lest the viewers in blue states start to question their authority.

So now;

  • the director of the CDC is admitting 80% of people who “died of COVID” had 4 co-morbidities.
  • the CEO of Pfizer is telling us that 2, 3 shots isn’t enough to stop Omicron
  • we’re learning that the crisis of children in hospital from COVID is actually due to testing, they’re coming in for normal visits and testing (asymptomatically) positive
  • we find out that the rate of infection is the same between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed
  • increasing numbers of virologists have us at or nearing peak infections
  • the South African experience (fast moving infection, low risk of hospitalization, fast retreat from peak) is in the news
  • and the list goes on

The Pivot

Why the pivot? Why did Staypuft suddenly decide the kids get to go back to in-person schooling? Why did our “thought leaders” and self styled “elites” suddenly start coming out and saying we’re going to have to learn to “live with the virus?”

Because, while they’re generally fairly dimwitted people, they can read a poll. And even if they can’t, and even if they’re not facing an election soon (yes, I’m looking at you, Castro’s broken condom) they have handlers who CAN read polling data.

The American Dems, along with their handmaidens in the press, are loading their britches at the thought of the coming blood bath in the November  mid terms. And the fat, fascist fuck in Queen’s park has to be thinking the same about June.

So they pivot to letting us have a little bit of our rights and freedoms back. Hoping we’ll be grateful for the crumbs, or simply forget, come election day.

I suggest to you that perhaps we should apply the founding principle of Israel:

Never Forget