Resistance to Weight Training for Beginners

I’ve been writing a bit aboutweight training lately. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is simple, lately I, along with my boys, have been getting (back) into resistance training.

This came about because kid 2 decided to convert his “toothpick arms into pencil arms,” kid 3 decided to join them, and ol’ Daddy got dragged along for the ride.

Well, today we were out running errands, and kid 1 asks me, “Dad, when does the soreness go away.”

“What soreness, T? Did you hurt yourself skating yesterday? No, wait, you weren’t there. Say, are you doing weight training in gym class?”


So, it turns out that kid 1 has been getting his own introduction to weight lifting, in high school gym class, and he’s discovered the joy of DOMS. The exact problem my high school classmates discovered after 1 Tae Kwon Do class. The difference being, unlike them, he won’t quit after 2 sore spells.

Now it seems that I’m going to have to go shopping, because we’ve officially run out of dumbbells for family weight training.

Of all the problems and expenses of raising a herd of boys, I think I’ll put that at the bottom of my list of things to complain.