Keep Busy, and Keep Moving Forward

It’s been a busy day Chez Andrew.

I took the day off work to use up another vacation day before the company’s fiscal year end use it or lose it drop dead date. The plan was to get in a workout, have a nice long walk, enjoy a good cigar, get a bunch of stuff written, and get more recordings done, for my podcast, and for a course I’m working on.

It was a mostly successful day, the writing got done, I got in a great walk with a nice cigar, and I got in two workouts. Unfortunately, while I wrote a draft outline for the course, and mentally framed out a couple of the lessons on my walk, I was unable to get any of it recorded. Nor was I able to lay down another podcast (although I did come up with a pretty good idea for a couple of episodes.

Turns out there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to get everything done.

Having said that, I must admit, it was a rather ambitious plan, and, in addition, old man winter decided to dump a mess of wet, slushy snow on us. I had to shovel 3 times.

So, even if I didn’t get everything done that I planned, I certainly kept busy, and I kept moving forward.