If You Don’t Schedule it, It Doesn’t Happen

My boss has a development plan for me. I don’t, I like what I do and I’m good at it, but for reasons and because, my ambitions with the company ceased to exist several years ago.

Now they’ve figgered out that they fucked up, and want me on the development path they closed off, but that ship has sailed. Andrew don’t give a shit, no more, no how. Of course, Andrew’s kids all need a new pair of…well, everything. So Andrew has to pretend to give a shit.

Thus, in order to show progress, there is larnin’ to be done, and to make sure I do it, I have to schedule it in.


Because, as I have said many a time, inspiration is useless. Motivation is useless. You want to get something done, you need to block out time and schedule it in.

What does this have to do with living well and “navigating the third act, through the grey mist of depression?”

One of the key things I do to manage my depression is exercise. But I love exercise. Even if I don’t schedule it in, my body and mind crave it, and make me do it.

I want to publish more, and more frequently. One of the things that has always stopped me from genuinely achieving the goal of daily writing is that I have never scheduled it in. I’ve simply looked for available time in my day.

No more. Lunch hours are now writing hours.

Except lunch hours used to be daily walk hours.

Don’t care, it’s an hour of time, sitting there available for writing.

But what about exercise?

Did I not just mention that my body craves exercise. Stealing my walk time for writing forces me to adjust my schedule to accommodate exercise.

If you want to get it done (whatever “it” is), schedule it.


If You Don’t Schedule it, It Doesn’t Happen