When the Depression Lifts and You Reach the Other Side of the Mist

I wrote yesterday about feeling that I’ve come through the worst of my latest battle with depression. That I took the hit, and while I was knocked wobbly, I wasn’t knocked down.

Today, I’m feeling better yet.

I began investigating crypto as an investment/hedge/trading possibility about a month ago. Things were going slowly, it murky, with fewer rules than we expect in the investment/trading world, but I was beginning to figure things out.

Then I took that knock, and lost almost two weeks.

Fortunately, those lost two weeks are not a big deal; the crypto market conditions are such that I lost no real opportunity. Aside from that, my brain has a way of subconsciously working through problems while I’m working on something else. Even if that something else is just slogging through the grey mist.

I said yesterday that a couple good nights’ sleep should help put me right, and last night I got one. Today, I went back to crypto first principals, reviewing everything I’ve been studying, right from the start.

And made my first Bitcoin and Etherium (test) purchases.

I could not do that over the last couple of weeks, because of the depression. That I could do so today is a huge sign that I’m well on the road to recovery, from this one.

Beyond that, I’ve been running again, getting back in shape for the summer paddling season. I missed last week’s run, being held back and down by the grey mist, but I got out again today.

Like my first run this year, it wasn’t my best run, or my longest run, and my body fought me the whole way.

But I got out and got in the reps, just like with crypto investing.

Things are getting better.