Daddy Summer is Here, Bringing With it a New Challenge

It’s officially Daddy Summer. Daddy summer doesn’t begin June 21, it begins the day after school lets out, and the kids are home full time with me. Daddy Summer comes with a challenge.

Having the boys home with me now, I couldn’t be happier. We’re only on day 2, and already we’re hanging out, going for walks, playing catch, planning paddling and fishing trips, etc.

So, what’s the challenge?

I’ve spent the last six months building up habits of success, and of transformation, but these habits are new. They’re fragile. The challenge is to maintain them through the temptations of Daddy Summer, not to mention a lifetime of indolence.

  • Get to bed on time, rather than staying up watching movies.
  • Get up at 6am, rather than sleeping the extra 90 minutes because I can still get to work on time.
  • Keep up with, and keep adding to, my daily tasks, rather than letting them slide.

I’ve spun up the Battle Top. I’ve built some momentum and some mental resilience, but it’s all fragile. My challenge is to not let big temptation overpower small disciplines.

Because if I can maintain it through the next two months, then I should be good right through to Christmas. That would mark a whole year of small disciplines, transformation and new habits.

The progress of six months has been great. I really want to see what the progress of an entire year will bring, but I can only find out if I can survive the challenge.