My Back is Better Now But The Recovery Took Too Long. Now What?

I wrenched my lower back on the Victoria Day weekend.

This is nothing new, the first time I did it was in the summer of 2012. I think the pain peaked about 4 days later, and the recovery, as I recall, took maybe 10 days or two weeks.

It’s happened again over the last decade, but not when I learned to, and actually did, exercise and strengthen my back properly. Unfortunately, the COVIDian fascist idiocy, inflicted upon us by Ottawa and Toronto, first removed the yoga and Pilates classes I regularly attended from my schedule, and then put me into a mental health crisis that ended my home workouts.

Over the last three years I have wrenched my back thrice, with decreasing periodicity and a longer recovery.

It’s been five weeks since Victoria Day, and it was only Sunday this past (Dominion Day) weekend that I finally woke up pain free. This long recovery indicates my back problems are getting worse, and raises two critical questions:

  1. Why are they worsening?
  2. What can I do?

Is it age? I’m not getting younger, and your discs degenerate with age.

Is it my workout routine? When I began doing HIIT training, my physical recovery became much faster.

I’ve added back recovery/maintenance into my daily 30 minutes exercises. Is what I’m doing enough?

Have my disc problems degenerated past the point where exercise and physio therapy are enough?

Do I need surgery?

For now, finally pain free, I’m going to try two things. First, I will maintain my back pain routine, a minimum of five days yoga per week. Second, I will exercise harder, similar to HIIT, to try to improve my body’s recovery function.