I Really Think I’m On To Something With These Daily Affirmations Against Depression

Yesterday started poorly.

Saturday I was doing some work in the garage, and I overdid it, so Sunday I woke up to some minor back pain. Normally on a beautiful Sunday morning, I’d go paddling with wifey. Get out into nature, enjoy some together time in the peace and quiet.

My back problems meant I couldn’t do so, and as I wrote yesterday, the disappointment stirred ol’ demon depression.

I’ve been working on controlling cognitive distortions, on not allowing my negative thought patterns to take over and rule my life. Disappointing wifey and me was something I couldn’t control, the time for controlling my back issues was 40 years ago, so that ship has sailed. All I can control is how I react.

I ended up writing that blog post about it, to help with the mental health problems, but that wasn’t the only thing I did. There was my daily letter to myself, my daily affirmation. I ended up writing it much later than normal, but doing so (along with the blog post) helped tremendously.

Today I woke up with a tiny twinge remaining in my back. Since I’m taking the day off work, instead of getting up at 6am, I slept in a bit to rest my back. This put back my entire schedule, and I didn’t get to my affirmation until after the boys were at school, and wifey was off to work.

But the moment the house was quiet, I got to it.

My routine was time shifted, but the moment I began writing my affirmation, it was back, and now I’m ready to attack the day.

The daily affirmation is turning into a powerful weapon against the demon.