ADHD and Depression, A Match Made Somewhere…

But not in heaven.

When I told my psychologist I was writing a memoir, she asked me if I’d ever considered the relationship between ADHD and depression. Turns out that they often present together.

So, when I was working on the ADHD chapter of my book, I began researching ADHD and found out wayyyy more than I expected. Found out that there is childhood ADHD, and adult ADHD, with different symptoms.

Good news, you can outgrow your ADHD. Bad news, I never did.

She asked if I wanted to get tested, but shit, I exhibited most of the symptoms as a kid, and now exhibit most of the adult ones, so I don’t need to get tested, I’ve got ADHD.

One of my depression triggers is failure. I’m a reasonably bright, moderately talented guy and things generally come easily to me. Failure stings, but that’s okay, it’s not like I have attention problems which lead me to lose interest before succeeding at something, right?

Wait, yes I do:

  • Failure leads to depression,
  • Depression drains my energy,
  • Lack of energy saps my focus,
  • Lack of focus makes it hard to finish a task,
  • Abandoning a task is a failure,
  • Failure leads to depression…

The two create a vicious cycle, depression reinforcing ADHD, ADHD leading to depression.

Yes, in my case ADHD and depression certainly present together, a match made somewhere other than in heaven.