To Be Forewarned is to Have Four Arms

Yogi Berra wasn’t the only one to mangle a phrase. Granted, he was a real person, and Kelly Bundy was a sitcom character, still, her mangling of the phrase, “Forewarned is forearmed” is one of the funniest, and most memorable of them all.

At least for me.

In late August, as summer vacation was drawing to a close, this warning became important to me. I went through hell last fall, when the boys returned to school. As Labour Day approached, I began to feel it coming on.

But, through reflecting on my experiences of last year, I had four arms; I knew what was coming. I knew the house would go quiet, that the boys would be spending more time with their friends than with daddy. I knew the depression would look for an opening, so I prepared myself for it.

I backed off on my writing, and video posting. By choosing to back off my publication schedule, I wasn’t failing to get it done, I was choosing not to do it.

I took my August to do list, and put it on pause.

I spent the waning days of summer enjoying my time with my children, knowing that I could pick up the other stuff when I had more time.

I braced myself for their absences.

In short, I armed myself against the depression, lit a candle against the darkness.

To be forewarned is to have four arms, and with those four arms I avoided a September depressive spiral.

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