Thank God It’s Monday, I Need to Get Some Rest

So, my wife gave me a Fitbit for Christmas. I don’t think she was low jacking me, she was just doing what she does; being just about the best, most thoughtful gift giving wife a man could hope for. Anyway, I’ll beat the subject of my new toy to death in future posts, but for now, a story.

On Monday mornings I’ve always joked that I needed to get back to work to rest up from the weekend. Well, now I have proof that it’s more than just a joke.

The default settings on my Fitbit include a goal of 10 000 steps per day. This past work week, while still getting out for my normal evening workouts, I averaged somewhere in the six to seven thousand steps per day range.

This past weekend? Saturday 11 400, Sunday 12 800.

So, seriously, as the father of three healthy, busy, active little boys, I need to get back to the office on Mondays to get a bit of rest.