Fitness Stacking in a Time of Crisis

So I wrote this bit about skill stacking for success. Mostly I was writing about business, but it applies to more, including fitness and posture.

In fact, I’ve jabbered on at great length about how the skills for improved posture are also the skills for overcoming back pain and regaining mobility.

I’m a hockey player. Not a particularly good one, but certainly a dedicated one. As in, Imma play that fool game until you pry my stick from my cold, dead hands.

Unfortunately, with age comes decline, and every October it’s a little harder to get my skating stride and puck skills back. But here we are, confined to quarters due to the China Virus. The only people my boys are allowed to play with are each other, and old Daddy.

Lucky for old Daddy, they love to play street hockey. Which means almost every day we’re out passing and shooting the road hockey ball, and I’m instructing the boys on stick skills. Which, in turn, means I’m really working my own stick skills. Then every evening after Mrs. old Daddy gets home from work, and it’s time for a bit of alone with my music time, I tie on my roller blades and do a few miles around the neighbourhood.

I’m taking the China Virus crisis as an opportunity to improve my blogging/writing skill stack, but that’s not all. I’m also getting the chance to work my hockey skills, to keep my skating stride, and challenge my fitness by adding something new (rollerblading) to my workout routine.

I wrote that in crisis there is opportunity. What opportunity is there for you?