Posture – A Little Exercise for Correcting Tech Neck

Posture Correction Exercise for Tech Neck

Once upon a very long time I learned a little exercise from my massage therapist. I had neck problems, you see. Some of them were from chronically bad posture, some of them were from my job. I traveled a lot; airplanes, rental cars, hotel beds sleep deprivation and hunching over a laptop computer. Some of them stemmed from a mild whiplash I got on the slopes in Vail.

Basically, I had tech neck before it was popular to have tech neck, and I had muscle and joint issues from the skiing accident. So Jim told me I needed to re-curve my flattened C-spine (my neck).

How? Chin tucks.

  • sit (or stand) perfectly erect
  • pull your chin straight back into your neck.

Why do I bring this up? Well, this is a posture blog.

Oh, and the guys at were talking about this earlier in the week.

So why haven’t I included this exercise in my yoga for posture series? Well, not because it isn’t yoga, I’ve certainly slipped a few non-yoga exercises into that series.

Baby Cobra

It’s because, well, I sort of have included it (in what I think is a better form). I just didn’t call it that, and I didn’t have you doing it sitting (or standing) up. With baby cobra you do the exact same motion, except you do it lying on your stomach and personally, I find baby cobra a bit better. As long as you follow the script, baby cobra

  • guarantees perfect spinal alignment from the start
  • guarantees perfect head position from the start
  • keeps the head in proper position more naturally
  • only uses the muscles needed for the desired outcome and
  • requires less concentration on the things you don’t need.