When A Totalitarian Moron Triggered My Depression, Here’s What I Did

Last time I got a bit ranty about the degeneration of a once free nation into a totalitarian hellscape at the hands of a failed supply teacher dipshit, who got elected Prime Minister because of the voting public’s inexplicable, unrequited love of his miserable fascist fuck of a(n ostensible) father.

Along the way I might have also taken a shot or two at the Stay Puffed Marshmallow moron from Etobicoke, who was only prevented in creating East Germany and “Papers Please” because the police, of all fucking people, told him to shove it up his voluminous backside.

I have many depression triggers.

We all have our depression triggers. Turns out that being infantilized by fuckwits, whose grand abilities in life are being born to the right family, and convincing a large enough group of slackjaws to vote for them, and having them trample my sacred rights and 815 years of British law and tradition, are among them.

It was bad, ladies and gentlemen.

It was, “I want off this planet bad.”

It was, “My wife and kids can make do without me, right?” bad.

Fortunately, I have a strategy for when things go bad. Even when they go this bad. Especially when they go this bad.

One thing.

Focus on one thing, one single thing, to keep me anchored to this life. Hold on to that anchor until the worst of the wave passes, and I can move on to other mitigation strategies.

So there you have it. Before your next trigger, before your next depression, before you start to think maybe it’s time to get off this planet, determine your One Thing.

When the wave hits, and let’s face it, sooner or later the wave WILL hit, hold on to that one thing.

For dear life.