What do You Do When a Totalitarian Moron Triggers Your Depression?

After getting a bit ranty about the degeneration of a once free nation into a totalitarian hellscape at the hands of a failed supply teacher dipshit, who got elected Prime Minister because of the voting public’s inexplicable, unrequited love of his miserable fascist fuck of a(n ostensible) father, I gave you one of my keys to fighting your depression.

Just one thing.

Find that one thing that tethers you to this fallen world, and focus on it. Hold on to it with everything you’ve got. Hold on to it for dear life, because it will save your life, as it saved mine. Unfortunately, saving you and keeping you tethered to this life isn’t enough.

Now, the one thing will keep you alive, but it won’t give you a life, if you get my meaning. It will get you through the darkest patches, but I suspect that eventually that well will run dry.

In short, you need more. But what?

Once you have your anchor, to stretch the metaphor a little, you’re going to need your sailboat. What will keep you afloat when the seas get stormy?

My great problem, mentioned long ago over here, is that I have an addictive personality so psychiatry scares the hell out of me. I worry that if I accept prescription mood lifters I’ll end up dependant on them. I’ve seen the cycle of addiction, and I want no part of it.

At least not that type of addiction.

Fortunately, I have another kind of addiction. Coffee.

But that’s not relevant here.

Fortunately, I have another, other addiction. Exercise.

Last weekend, after I pulled myself out of the worst of it with my one thing, I forced myself to go for a run. It wasn’t the greatest run I’ve ever had. In fact, it wasn’t a particularly good run at all.

But it was exercise. Exercise, which allowed me to:

  • Burn off some cortisol
  • Get a little dopamine into my system
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment
  • Listen to some music
  • Get out of the house
  • Get some alone time

Every one of these helps me manage my depression, at least to some degree.

So, what helps you?

Yes, you need to know your triggers for your avoidance strategies.

Yes, you need your one thing for just getting through.

But if you’re going to have any sort of mitigation strategy, you’re also going to know those things that help make things better, and how to stack them.