The Tide May be Turning

Well, well, well, the tide may finally be turning.

I dip my toe into the hellscape of the MSM, briefly, each day to see what new stupidity our brain dead, morally corrupt “leaders” in Toronto and Ottawa are planning to visit upon us.

I don’t generally like to comment on it here, because this isn’t (supposed to be) a political blog. I find myself commenting on politics because our governments have gotten so awful, so intrusive into our daily lives, that they are constantly screwing with my mental health.

They are also screwing with my kids’ mental health, and their lives and futures, which has its own (deleterious) effect on my mental health, so I find I have to dip my toe into the political theatre. I suppose from the standpoint that I hate, and dunk on, the lying Liberal shits in Ottawa and the stupid Conservative shits in Toronto pretty much equally, I guess I’m holding to that.

My politics aren’t relevant, except insofar as they can be described as this:

You’re fucking with my mental health, and worse yet, my children; their presents and their futures. Back the fuck off.

Well, sources across the spectrum, from the establishment lefties of the New York Slimes, to the establishment righties of the National comPost are both screaming what I’ve been screaming.

Stop fucking with the children.

In this polarized age, isn’t it nice that we can find some common ground? We’re all beginning to notice what I’ve been saying for years; left, centre, right, our politicians are absolute fucking garbage.

I noted recently our moral and intellectual superiors are constantly telling us to be more like Europe. Who close their schools as a last resort. While we close ours as a first. Yesterday the Slimes, and today the comPost noted this. Isn’t that nice.

European countries aren’t resorting to hard lockdowns. and I’ve been seeing articles from across the spectrum that lockdowns, like we’re seeing in Ontario and Quebec (those stupid, fascist bastards went all the way to a 10pm curfew, backed by a $5000 fine), are not only useless to stop the spread of Omicron, but actually counterproductive.

It’s a virus. Possibly more contagious than the common cold. And for the vast majority of us, about as dangerous. We’ve got over 90% vaccinated. At this point, we ain’t stopping it.

So, for the love of God, or whatever it is you hold holy:

Stop fucking with the children.

Closing the gyms, shuttering the restaurants, restricting access to everything? All you’re doing is killing businesses and ruining lives. This is helping no-one. It’s stupid, it’s destroying families, and that, believe it or not, destroying families actually hurts the kids.

Reducing the spread as a justification for closing the schools, when the research tells us actually have LOWER covid spread than elsewhere, is stupid.

Closing the schools, which is the primary place neglect and abuse are detected, is stupid.

Closing the schools, when remote learning outcomes are dramatically worse than in person, is stupid.

Closing the schools, where children interact with their friends, and get exercise, is stupid.

Closing the schools and cutting the children off from normalcy, fanning the flames of mental health problems, is stupid.

Is any of this getting through to the Castro’s broken condom, or the Staypuft marshmallow Premier? I don’t know, but at least the first wall, the MSM, has been breached.