…But Maybe Not Yet

Yesterday I was thinking that it’s time to take my list of daily “must do” habits; 30 minutes of exercise, one written post and one video post, and add one more.

This goes back to my method of developing habits by incremental improvement, developed because I don’t believe in overloading.

I know highly successful people who go all in. Decide on a goal, and through discipline force themselves to complete it. Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me, primarily because I can rarely get through to a successful endpoint before the depression hits, and I’m knocked right back to the beginning.

Instead, I add one small thing, do it every day, and try to improve 1% per iteration. After a period of time, something around three months, it becomes ingrained as a habit, at which time I can add something new.

I’ve now got my base three dialed in. The only time this year I’ve missed was this past weekend when I was on bedrest, and as soon as the pain was at a manageable level, I went right back to my daily three.

Given that the wrenched back was partly due to a lack of spine maintenance exercise, the obvious choice for a new daily “must do” is to add is my bad back yoga routine.

I’d love to get it going, and yesterday I decided to start immediately, but this morning I woke to day three levels of back pain.

I want to get this dialed in. I need to get this dialed in.


I can only begin this new habit once the pain lets me.