It’s Time to Add Another Task to My Daily Routine

This month has been rough. It started well, but sometime in late April the depression hit and it knocked me sideways. I lost way on several tasks, maintaining only daily publishing, and exercise, until I wrenched my back on Saturday. A weekend of bed rest broke my streaks.

These back pain episodes used to be frequent; once or twice per year, until I spent several years learning to move in spine healthy ways, reconstructing my back to where the back pain episodes disappeared.

But, I’ve had two in less than a calendar year now. What happened? COVIDiocy.

I used to go to the office five days per week, and my yoga studio is located 10 minutes from work, so I could go to class four times weekly. Then Trudeau and Ford decided fascism is better than freedom, locked us out of work, and forced small businesses (such as my yoga studio) to shut down.

Exercise became something I did at home, and I did nothing for a year, losing a year of back maintenance. When I began daily exercise, I concentrated on fitness and muscle tone, not spinal health.

Eventually I did start my spine health routine, but by then the old problems had come back. Now, I’ve paid for it twice, in only nine months.

I know what I need to do to keep my spine healthy, and when my head is in a good space, I do it. Unfortunately, for over three weeks, my head was in a very unhealthy place, and I didn’t. And I paid for it.

I’m back to a better head space, and my body is recovering from the wrenched back. It’s time to begin adding another item to my daily list; yoga for a healthy spine.