A Migraine, at MY Age, What’s Up With That?

My father’s side gets migraines. He did, I do, my little sister does and, sadly, so does my middle boy.

There seems to be two different manifestations of the migraines, early and late onset.

The early onset ones begin before the age of 10, which is what little sis and kid two have. I had headaches as a grade schooler, but the pain and other symptoms never rose to the level of migraine.

Those early onset ones are bad, because they seem to set you up for a lifetime of pain. Little sis is post menopausal now, and she still gets them.

I, on the other hand, like my father before me, got them later in life. Dad’s migraines first manifested in university, and lasted into his 50s. Mine manifested later in my 20s, and now (in my 50s) are tapering off. I’ve only had one this year.

Until this week.

Every morning this week I’ve woken up with a bad headache, until finally last night the migraine gnomes started jackhammering inside my head.

What I should have done was get up and taken an Advil with a great big cup of water, but the pain was too intense. I knew, if I just lay still, the throbbing would abate and I’d go back to sleep.

In earlier years, I would have sacked up and got the Advil, but my migraines have tapered off to the point I’m apparently not as tough as I used to be

Today, I’m suffering.

Oh, well, at least they’ve decreased in frequency, and if today is anything to go by, intensity. I have a migraine, but at least I’m functional.