Morning Routine, Plus Discipline, Plus a Little Skin in the Game for Added Focus Equals…What?

Since I wrote about getting a simple, consistent morning routine going, the topic has been bubbling around the back of my head.

The last few days have been good. I’ve been rising at a consistent time, and going through my morning routine:

  • daily letter of affirmation
  • morning meditation
  • simple back maintenance exercises
  • coffee and breakfast

Each day I put in another rep, and each day the routine gets a little bit more habitual. This is a very good thing, because as it gets more habitual, I need to devote less attention and discipline to it, freeing up that attention and discipline to something else.

The last few days I’ve shifted my daily self improvement reading from some indeterminate time in the afternoon, to first thing in the morning. That, along with shifting my back exercises and meditation to the morning, frees up more afternoon/evening time for other things.

It allows me to add more. To do more.

I’ve been fiddling around with trading for the past couple of months, having learned a literally “Low Stress Trading” approach. Seriously, that is what the men who showed it to me call it, “Low Stress Trading.”

Having freed up the mental energy and discipline for something else, I applied it to trading. It only requires 15 minutes, twice a day, and have consistently done it for three weeks. In order to help ensure I maintain it, I put skin in the game, and invested a whopping $20 in the approach.

Now 20 bucks isn’t much, but having actual, real money, however little, focuses the attention.

And maybe that’s what I’m trying to get at.

Develop your routines, build your self discipline and keep pushing. Put a little skin in the game to focus your attention.

See how far you can go.