Self Examination, Routine, and Personal Transformation Through Continuous Improvement

Yesterday was tough. I woke up tired, and spent the morning wading through the grey mist, until wifey called during lunch. After a lovely chat with her, the day steadily improved and I got my daily pile of stuff done. Right up to, and including, getting to bed on time for a proper night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, one of the items on my pile of stuff was resistance training. I hate weight training. A lot. But I’m 55, and the importance of maintaining muscle mass and bone density increases with age, so I do it.

Unfortunately, again, with the injury to my back in May, I have fallen off of regular resistance training, and I’m in ramp up. Yesterday was the first day I did the complete set, with the resistance levels I was using before the injure.

Which means my shoulders were tight, and for me, tight shoulder mean headaches. I woke up at 4:30 with a screaming headache and here I am, again slightly sleep deprived.

Fortunately, these last years of self examination, combined with a lifetime of gladly suffering the pain of DOMS, means I knew exactly what was coming, so I was able to mentally prepare myself.

I’m tired, yes, but I got up at 6:20, meditated, wrote my daily letter of affirmation, did a bit of yoga to loosen up my back and shoulders, and got on with my day.

Self examination, combined with routine and a conscious program of personal transformation through continuous improvement, has provided a powerful set of tools to help me deal with depression, whether I’m fighting through it, or fighting to avoid it.