If You Can Choose What You Want an Electron to Be, You Can Choose What You Want YOU to Be

Long, long ago, in the time before, when dinosaurs walked the earth, ol’ Andrew studied Physics.

In the odd fallout from quantum mechanics we learn that the observer interacts with, and effects the outcome of the experiment. One of the simplest ways to see this is in the wave-particle duality of the electron.

  • Is the electron a wave?
  • Is the electron a particle?


That’s not me being a smartass, the answer truly is yes. The form the electron takes (wave or particle) depends on the you, the observer.

  • Want a wave? Perform the 2 slit experiment.
  • Want a particle? Perform the 1 slit experiment.

This is not just for quantum mechanics, it’s for life. Point of view, mindset, choice, profoundly affects and effect our outcome.

This month we took a vacation, in a fishing cabin so small there was no room for me to perform my daily morning routine. No affirmation letter, no meditation, no yoga. For weeks I have hewed to this routine, and in doing so have derived great benefits in dealing with my mental health problems.

However, this vacation week was going to inevitably break my routine.

In past times I would have packed a yoga mat and my notepad and tried to hold my routine. Also in past times I would have failed to do so, and, in failing, given my depression a hook. An entry point.

This time was different in one thing. I chose to take a break from my routine and in doing so, I did not lose my streak. I gave it up. That small mental shift deprived my depression of the hook.

The day after vacation 6:15 arrived, I arose and got right back into my daily routines.

Sans depression.

Just as I can choose the form of the electron, I chose to break my routine and doing so gave me a power over my mental health problems I’ve never before had.

Video version here.