In the Dog Days of Summer, and In Search of a Win

One of the things I’ve noted about both my depression, and my ADHD, is that one thing that keeps them both manageable is a win. A big win is great, for sure, but any win will do.

For example, I started trading in crypto a couple of months ago, and in my first week made a whopping $2.10. Canadian.

It wasn’t the amount of money I made that mattered. What mattered was that I’d put in the time, done the work, done the research, took the ($20) risk, and made a little profit. Since then I’ve made some more small trades and got some more small wins, but I’m in a time hole right now.

I have more vacation time coming up, and I can’t put in the necessary time. If I took the risk, I’d end up either stressing about it, or losing.

Again, the size of the loss (about $2) wouldn’t be the problem, but the existence of the loss.

So, here I am in the dog days of August, and I need a win.

And I don’t know where to go looking for it.