Another Pain in the Neck

An addendum to my post on muscle knots in the back and neck.

My wife had a cousin visit this weekend, and their girlie time led to a very late bed time. She had to get up after only 4 hours of sleep and, as you might have guessed from the headline, she had a knot in her back muscles.

The poor lady was really messed up, the muscles were tight from her neck, all down the inside of her shoulder blade into her mid back.

  • She rested all day.
  • She iced it.
  • She heated it.
  • She had me massage it.
  • She had me put Voltaren on it.
  • She had a hot bath.

And at bed time, she was still in pain.


But she does even more yoga than I do, and at bed time, she took an Aleve and went to sleep (a bit early). This morning she woke up with the big pain gone, and only a little sore spot left to remind her.

Properly done, yoga will fix your body, align your spine and improve your health and recovery.

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Yesterday I awoke with one of those knots in my back, just inside my right shoulder blade. It irritated my all day, but didn’t really stop me from doing anything, including a 90 minute Bikram class last night. All I did to treat it was go to bed on time and wake up pain free.

Seriously, if these muslce knots/cricks in the back are a problem for you, there IS a solution.