Yoga for Posture – 16 – Plank Mods

Okay, I just realized that a few weeks ago I told you to work your rotator cuffs by doing straight armed push ups in plank, without bothering to go over plank. I fixed that last week, an ended by promising to add a bit of a challenge.

So, what do we want to do, make plank itself more challenging, or move on to side plank? Heh, let’s go for the challenge. Keep in mind most of the following can be applied to high (straight armed) plank or forearm plank. Do any of these mods during your 3 sets of 1 minute of plank.

  • put your feet together and rock forward and back on the balls of your feet
  • lift one leg straight up in the air
    • don’t bend your knee
    • alternate legs
  • reach straight out to the side with one hand, tap the floor and return your hand to its starting position
    • alternate hands
  • do the same thing with your foot, also alternating feet
  • reach out and tap with left hand and right foot, simultaneously, also alternating sides
  • slowly bring your right hand up to tap your left elbow
    • alternate left and right
    • this one can’t be done in forearm plank

The key to all of these is to keep your core strong, and your hips and shoulders level. Keep any swaying side to side, or dipping of the hips to a minimum. If plank isn’t tough enough for you, these mods should help dial it up a little.

Next time, side plank.