A Post on My Most Core Topic of Core Topics

A Return to the Core

Yesterday I returned to my most core of core topics. No, not core strength, (although that is most certainly one of them) posture. I was out for a (very brisk) walk with my boys, getting a nice little cardio workout, and took the opportunity to work on my back and shoulder muscles, while training my posture.

Well, and stop me if you’ve heard this one, while we’re living in these unprecedented times I’m taking the time to improve. As posture is one of my core topics, yes, I’m taking this time to work on my posture.

Yesterday I realized that a nice, brisk walk acted as an excellent, low stress workout for the posture muscles, while simultaneously relaxing the shoulders and neck, and relieving tension in them.

Now That You’ve Seen It

Have you ever heard the expression, “Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it?” Well, now that I’ve seen the posture benefits of taking a walk with the boys, I can’t unsee them.

When we got home from our noon walk today, I felt my core, upper back, shoulders and neck warmed up and supple. I did a little gentle stretching and felt the mobility in my mid spine had definitely improved over when we left.

Now that I’ve felt the posture benefits of a good walk, I can’t not feel them. So, along with the things I’m doing deliberately to improve during lockdown, I’ve serendipitously discovered another.