Yoga for Posture – 42 – Is it Self Massage, or Electro-Shock Therapy?

Some time ago I recommended self-massage to help you with your posture. Tight, knotted up, unhappy muscles are uncomfortable, or even painful, muscles, which cannot do their jobs. A little work with a foam roller, tennis ball or thera cane can do wonders to loosen them up, make them happy, relieve their pain and give them their jobs back.

Well, a couple of years ago, after a particularly vigorous (for decrepit old farts) game of shinny, we were sitting around the breakfast table comparing aches and pains. One of my buddies told us that he had bought his wife Dr. Ho’s pain relief machine, and that she absolutely loves it.

What is Dr. Ho’s Pain Therapy System? A dummied down version of electro-stimulation acupuncture. You apply the stimulation pads to the bit you want to treat, and fire up the current. The electric pulses cause muscle contraction, loosening them up, and increasing blood flow.

I’ve wanted something like this for years, ever since the late 90s, when I went through three months of actual electro-stimulation acupuncture to begin the repair process on my mangled back. Over the subsequent years I had acupuncture treatments for a number of conditions, including my migraines.

Last week Costco had a special on these things. I remembered Paul telling me how much his wife liked it and that, in conjunction with the 5 days of pain I went through after emptying out the cottage made the decision for me. I bought one.

Now, by the time I bought it, I had naturally recovered from the aches of the move, so I haven’t test driven it yet. I did, however, watch the instructional videos, and there were recommendations that looked an awful lot like some of the acupuncture treatments I took.

So, while I haven’t tried it yet, the day will come that I have to test it out.

When I do, you’ll be the first to hear about it.