What Is Your Greatest Wish?

A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only one

R Berger

I’ve been banging away at this site for several years now, pivoting from one topic to another. Underlying all the different things I write about is a common theme; health and well being. I even made a little video on my evolution, which you can find over here.

When I came across the quote above, it tied a bunch of stuff together.

  • In the beginning, I wrote about good posture.
  • Then I pivoted to exercise as the core of a healthy lifestyle.
  • I added in my thoughts on nutrition.
  • I opined on stress reduction.
  • I moved on to surviving and thriving through the crisis.
  • I turned to ergonomics and success in remote work.
  • Finally, I opened up about my struggles with depression and how I’m learning to fight that fight in a better, healthier fashion.

What underpins it all?

Good health.

Pick any topic on that list and tell me that it doesn’t relate to being healthy.

So there you have it, turns out my little posture correction blog is really just about my quest to achieve, and maintain, good health.