Oooh, My Poor Aching Neck

A few weeks ago I joined my boys in a 15 minute, beginner weight routine. We’ve been doing it about 4 times per week, to allow for recovery days.

Now, when we began, especially when one of them tried for the first time, I would warn them about Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Poor Mr. Number One Son, who was rather sore after his first go around. Poor ol’ Daddy, who had the same problem after his first go around.

Fast forward two, three weeks and we’re really in a groove. Maybe too much of a groove because the boys are now starting to chat during the workout rather than concentrate on the workout in general, and the form of each exercise in particular. Not a real problem, because the ringleaders of this, numbers two and three, are already planning to find other workouts to add to the mix so we don’t get bored.

To make sure we all have a set of dumbbells in an appropriate weight, we went to a local fitness store and filled out our dumbbell set, and we added one at the top, because I expected I’d have to move up a weight level soonish.

Which I did.

Last night.

And before I even went to bed, the DOMS was kicking in. My traps were aching, pulling on my skull, giving me a mild headache, before I even got to bed.

I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, with a pounding headache from the shoulder and neck tension. When I finally dragged my decaying carcass out of bed, I was afraid I was going into a full on migraine.

Fortunately, the problem of DOMS gets shorter each time you go through it. So, the first time, a few weeks ago, I hurt for a day, day and a half maybe. This time, but going up a whopping 2 lbs. dumbbell for the workout, I got DOMS again, but it was over before I even managed to get their breakfast cooked.

Plus, after less than a month, I’m already seeing, as well as feeling the results.

I hate resistance training, like, a lot. I really really hate resistance training, but boy, oh boy, do I love my kids. And for them, I’ll certainly do it.