You Wanted the Power, but You Didn’t Ask the Price

In the spring of 2000, after many years of Karate, I started training in Bai Mei (White Eyebrow) Kung fu. This was a fundamental change.

The martial arts look somewhat similar on the surface, but their foundations are fundamentally different. Particularly so for the less known “secret” Kung Fu systems like Bai Mei which simply doesn’t have many practitioners. Along with their “secret” natures means there isn’t a great deal of understanding of the systems, and their foundation.

On the other hand, everyone has a familiarity and understanding of what Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, etc. are about.

What this means is that there really aren’t a lot of people with whom we practitioners can get into a deep discussion. When we were talking about this with our teacher, he laughed and told us, “You wanted the power, but you didn’t ask the price.”

This problem has come to mind lately as I’ve rejigged my eating and sleeping habits.

One of the things I did as while getting my sleep in order is add a basic intermittent fasting regime to my diet.

  • Dinner by 6 pm
  • Nothing at all after 7 pm
  • Get up at 6 am
  • Exercise
  • Low carb breakfast after 7 am

One of the purposes of intermittent fasting weight loss. The fast, exercise, and low carb breakfast, put you into ketosis. Fat burning.

The end result of this is that, while my morning home coffee remains as delicious as ever, the second rate stuff at the office tastes like warm liquefied pig shit.

And stays that way until I have a more normal lunch.

I like coffee. Until I starting this I.F. shit, even the garbage office coffee would do.

Now I’m reduced to drinking mint tea.

I wanted the power (health benefits) of intermittent fasting, but I never asked the price.