I Thought This Website Was About “Navigating the Grey Mist of Depression.”

Lately I’ve written about mindset, goals, transformation, process, etc., but not so much about navigating the third act, through the grey mist of depression. I got sidetracked into stories about writing, yoga, karate, and gamma douche trolls, among other things. I haven’t devoted much time to my mental health. Right?


Wrong. Dealing with my mental health issues is all I’ve been writing about.


Last summer I set an ambition to become a freelance writer, to get paid for putting words on the page. One of my most powerful mood lifters is a feeling of accomplishment, and over the last month I’ve had a string of successes with my writing, up to booking and producing for my first client.

Systems and Habits?

Getting up at 6 am, every day. Exercising, every day. Writing and making videos, every day. Getting to bed earlier and getting better sleep. This consistency of habit, the improved sleep, clicking the “publish” button, seeing myself getting a little better each day, getting closer to my goal give a feeling of accomplishment.


Working on my mindset to make silly little internet trolls objects of laughter, rather than allowing them to derail me.

Loving the Grind?

Enjoying the actual activities of getting better, of daily publishing. Keeping focus on the process, rather than be distracted by the end goal.

Yoga Stories?

Telling any story; about my kids, about yoga, about my days as a karate guy, whatever, is simply fun.

All of these things lift my mood. All of them protect me from my depression, from the grey mist.

Simply put, the grey mist can’t get me when I’m feeling this good.

So, yes, I have been talking about navigating the grey mist.