The Last Week Has Ground Me Down. Time to Step Back and Take Perspective.

The last week has been a grind.

Depression flashback, breakdown, getting under control, first run in months, kid 2’s 13th birthday, annual review at work and finally, a session with Dr. Headshrinker, in which I got to relive all of the above.

Meanwhile, I’m working my way through Mike Kim’s You Are the Brand course, while doing a second go-through of Ray Edwards Clarity course, while learning the basics of crypto investing and exchange.

Everything I’ve put on my plate has been in addition to everything else I write about; daily exercise, daily videos, maintaining my morning wake up routine, etc.

And I’m bleeding exhausted.

How exhausted? Tuesday, for the first time in 14 months, I missed my daily calorie burn goal, by a whopping 7 G. D. calories, going to bed at 9:15 without closing the ring. Granted, I’ve been consistently blowing through the goal and upped it by 100 calories since Christmas, so it’s not as if I’m not burning calories, I just missed an artificial goal.

Then Wednesday, I missed closing my exercise ring by a couple of minutes. It’s not that I didn’t exercise, I just missed the 30 minutes goal.

A year ago, either of these “failures” might have derailed my routines, intentions, goals, plans, whatever you want to call it.

Today? No biggie. I’ve driven myself hard the last few days, confronted some demons, had a revelation or two, and made sure kid 2 had an awesome birthday.

I needed, and deserved, a break.

So, in the end, I’m not all that concerned about an artificial goal, set by a piece of technology strapped to my wrist, which was also on the charger for 90 minutes. 90 minutes that would have closed the rings.

It’s just a matter of stepping back and gaining perspective.