The Recovery Continues Apace, and Right on Schedule

Last August when I torqued my lumbar, the recovery took about 10 to 12 days. That time was the first time I can recall really paying attention to how long it took my back to return to normal after one of these incidents.

Today is day 10 since I torqued my back on the Victoria Day weekend Saturday, and I woke with some soreness, but once I was up and moving, the pain receded to below conscious levels.

When I move in particular ways, or sit in a chair lacking proper lumbar support, the discomfort reaches conscious levels.

I can do almost everything normally, including little things such as running up the stairs two at a time. I’ve begun daily back maintenance yoga, and have ramped it up from the bare minimum to about 1/2 my normal routine.

It causes some discomfort, but it is manageable, and anyway, it’s discomfort, not pain.

So, long story short, I’m almost back to normal, and right on the same schedule as last time.

The next step is for the last bits of inflammation and pain to dissipate, getting me back to full normal. After that (including later today), I need to continue ramping up the yoga until I can do the full back maintenance routine without any discomfort, and do it daily.

That is when I will know I have fully recovered.

Beyond that, it’s simply a matter of continuing to concentrate on the small discipline of doing my daily maintenance, and increasing the vigour of the workout so I no longer need to fear some little move leaving me in intense pain.