It Hasn’t Been a BAD Day, But Then…

It hasn’t been a GOOD day, either.

Yesterday I made a mistake, I had an extra cup of coffee at the office. A funny thing about ketosis is that being in ketosis changes your body chemistry, which in turn, changes your saliva chemistry, which in turn changes the way things taste. The office coffee ranges from okay to not-very good, and ketosis changes that range to not-very-good to awful.

This means that normally I have two cups at the office before that not-very-good changes to awful all on its own and I’m done with coffee by 9 am. Which brings us to my mistake, having an extra cup. Or maybe two.

Why did I drink extra of that lousy coffee? I don’t know, but I did.

I was still done with coffee by 10 am, which I would expect to be early enough that it wouldn’t affect my sleep. And maybe it didn’t, but something did.

Last night I didn’t get to sleep before 11 pm, cutting me an hour short for the night, and today I’m feeling it.

It hasn’t been precisely a BAD day, but then again, it hasn’t been particularly GOOD, which brings me to the heart of the problem. I’m a little short on sleep, and the demons are coming out to play.

I can’t focus, so I’m not getting anything done.

I’m not getting anything done, so I’m getting down on myself.

I’m getting down on myself, so I’m starting to just get down, altogether.

It’s a small thing, a short night’s sleep, but I’ve not been sleeping well the last few nights because my back is a bit sore. Add the two together, and the depression is knocking on the door.

I’ve been getting better at battling my demons, but that doesn’t mean they’ve given up.