This Bout With Depression Has Been a Real Pain

Lately things have gotten a little heavy around these parts. Time to lighten the mood, I think.

  • It’s summer, school is out, and we’ve got a weekend at the lake planned.
  • I’m through the bad patch and moving things forward again, ramping up, optimistic, happy.
  • I’ve rebedded my lily garden, added geo mat to keep the weeds down and planted my lily bulbs.
  • I’m eating well, sleeping well and the only thing I’ve got in the down check list is, I’m getting headaches.

I mentioned last week that your physical and mental well-being are conjoined twins; what affects one, affects the other. One major problem I have during my depressions is that I have a terrible time motivating myself to exercise.

This is a problem. It is the regular exercise that keeps my stress problems under control. It is the back and posture specific exercises that help keep my back pain under control, and keep me holding good posture.

Holding good posture and keeping my back and neck healthy through exercise, along with hard workouts to metabolize the cortisol, keep my headaches and migraines under control.

I’ve had a headache three days running. That’s unusual, really unusual, and I put it down to this confluence of events:

  • Depression
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor posture

Fortunately the worst has passed. This has allowed me to get back to exercising, and being conscious of my posture again.

It’ll get better.